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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  September 25, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> 38 in that world, >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". >> good morning, everybody. i think i am on camera. i thought it would be both of us. are you there too? i am juliet huddy, done here at the w. hotel in lower manhattan. obviously this will be an important site later run. around 10:50 in the events get started, the pope will be at the un, and heading down here and i will take things ever down here
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and tell you what is going on. there will be an interfaith ceremony that is very historic and controversial. we also meet a woman whose husband died in 9/11, she will be talking about that and the pope will also be visiting the as it happens. is a little later on. our isn't going up there? ben: it is going very well and looks great down there. a beautiful day, mike woods, pretty nice as well, mostly sunny and dry, highs in the 70s, let's get to mike woods, we will check in with juliet in just a moment. >> meteorologist: sunny skies, he will be beautiful outside, sunny skies, temperatures starting in the mid 60s and we will keep it sunny throughout the day, 75 is your high temperature later, 72 for the ride home, as the pope is in town a picture-perfect day, we
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what we had yesterday. 64 degrees center bart, as a long way down, the sun doesn't come up for 45 minutes or so, 63 at newark, 53 in poughkeepsie, 59 in islip, 69 in montauk, mostly cloudy, high clouds we had in the area but it is filtered. winds from the northeast at 3 to 10 miles per hour so that will make it feel a hair colder. other reason than, radar and satellite almost everyone has high cloudiness in the tristate region is you head into connecticut you don't have much going on at this point but they area of low pressure driving and all over the southeastern states where the majority of moisture is over southeastern states including the carolina plants into every kenya, it is been raining for days, high-pressure blocking it out for us and we
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high-temperature goes to 75 later this afternoon, 72 tomorrow and shower chances coming in monday next week. our commute this morning a lot challenges with road closures. >> that is the way to go, street cleaning rules are suspended, meters remain in effect, problems but the pennsylvania new jersey border eastbound all lanes closed because of an accident investigation. travelling westchester you are fine on the tappan zee bridge, no issues on the sawmill or the cross county. let's go to our cameras and look at the long island expressway and see how things are moving. the lie by 75th street there was an earlier accident feared when approaching queens boulevard, west down side you should be fine, trains running on or close to schedule.
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greg: i was coming in this morning, it is very early, not a lot of traffic but if you are planning on coming to the area down here by ground zero the streets are all blocked off, you have to deal with a lot of police presence so give yourself time if you want to be in this area bleed is a busy area, later on at 10:15 that is a lot of families will be arriving coming in, families of first responders coming into memorial area. if you look behind me on the 31st floor we have a perfect view of the two reflecting pools, we have a view of the museum itself. we will talk to a woman who lost her husband don 9/11, she will go to the museum. she is on the board of the 9/11 memorial and she will tell us a lot about what has happened over the years and how proud she is how things turned out but also we are going to head to teresa priolo who has been at st.
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patrick's cathedral where she is right now at the residence while he is here in new york city. good morning. >> reporter: we are in lock down outside the papal residence, this area totally shutdown, the pope is asleep. he might be a way, he wakes up the 4:30 or 5:00, a busy day ahead of him and he arrived in spectacular style land quickly proved why he is so adored. it was an arrival that was simply divine. pope francis warmly welcomed by thousands of adoring faithful pressed against metal barriers along fifth avenue. accompanied by timothy cardinal dolan and greeted by new york's governor senior senator and new york city mayor. the pope entered st. patrick's for the sunset prayer service then suddenly stopped to bask in its magnificence.
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yorker by cardinal dolan. >> those famous doors on fifth avenue. you became an official new yorker. >> reporter: as he greeted crowds pope francis paid particular attention to the young, the old and the disabled. he used his homily to encourage a life of service to the disadvantage to. he also did what has not been done in some time. he thanked the women of the church. >> what would the church be without you? women of strength, fighters with that, which is a thank you. >> reporter: this has been anticipated for months. some 200 people greeted him with cheers, waving flags and presents which made the pope
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his presence alone a blessing. >> kissed me on the forehead, gave me a hug. >> his infamous fiat's arriving at the papal residence before 9:00 and arrived before dawn to start a jam packed david takes him from the united nations to garden. we can tell you there are hundreds and hundreds of police officers here. more keep coming as the minutes roll on. pope francis, very busy day plant, from here he will head further east and further south heading to the united nations and from there as i mentioned his days jam packed. we only hope we get the briefest glimpse of the holy father. that is the latest, back to you. >> i hope to get a glimpse downtown. we will see about that. one of the highly anticipated
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events today will be the pope and his attendance at the united nations where we have robert moses this morning. good morning. >> reporter: the morning. each year at this time i covered the un general assembly and this year just feels a little different. the pope is scheduled to arrive here in two hours for a series of meetings and the much-anticipated half-hour address around 10:20, yesterday addressed national leaders, today world leaders. pope francis become the fourth pope to address the united nations. holy father is expected to discuss climate change, immigration and the need for peace missions friend hillary francos says his holiness has great respect for the institution of the u.n.. >> you would like to speak as much as he could to give this kind of message so that the whole world might in some way change for the better.
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>> pope francis is expected to address the same issues he discussed yesterday before a joint session of congress. >> mr. speaker, the pope of the holy see. >> the pope called for abolishment of the death penalty, discussed the need to protect the planet and said immigrants are a key part of our society. >> we the people of this continent are not fearful of foreigners because most of us [applause] because most of us were once foreigners. >> reporter: deegan to explicitly talked-about abortion but made his opposition clear when he cited the golden rule. >> the golden rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at
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>> reporter: members of congress interrupted the pope frequently ovations. isn't emotional day for john boehner who dabbed tears from his eyes. after his address to congress the holy father walked on to the speaker's balcony of the capital to thunderous applause. >> thank you, thank you very much. god bless america. >> reporter: the holy father will be at the u.n. from 8:30 and 11:00 and then it is downtown to the 9/11 memorial and museum where as you mentioned he is scheduled to meet with families and lead that prayer service. that is the latest from outside the u.n. this morning. back downtown to you. juliet: i've lost talking with our crew and producer and we were saying we are watching this video looking at the pope.
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guy, he is out here doing all of these events, really something very special. also very special today is what is happening at 11:45 at ground zero, there will be the interface ceremony that has been controversial in some people's minds. he has many people of many faiths addressing each other. that is what the pope, this pope, essentially has been his mission, to bridge faiths together, not to change the collapse faith or force people to change their face but to force, and courage people to trust in others's face and that is one of the things that makes the spoke so special according to many who follow him. back to you in the studio. ben: i was struck last night, one of the first things he did in st. patrick's cathedral was he mentioned that terrible tragedy in mecca yesterday, our thoughts and prayers are with all those people who may be
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affected by that. is general message is we are all in this together so much as all get along. kerry: there will be into meditation, buddhist meditation, this is all going on down here at ground zero which again ruffles some people's fedders but this is the pope who wants to bring all faiths together at least to work in harmony. ben: juliet huddy live from the world trade center, more coverage throughout this hour and the morning and for the latest on the pope's visit law on to, search for the itunes apps store and on google play. back here a lot more still to come. let's turn to the weather. should be a pretty cooperative day at least in that regard. >> meteorologist: sunshine out there coming up soon enough. that is better. we have a sunshine coming up, that is it, it will be a little
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cool, we start at 64 degrees but we go up to 75 for a high so not as warm as we had the next couple days but warm enough. daily and hourly forecasts coming at you today on the weather apps, the apple itunes store and google play store, check it out for free, search and you will find it. we will be right back with of full forecast. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven.
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>> meteorologist: welcome back, here is what we have, there are sections changes, high clouds are out but temperatures the same as we had yesterday, a little milder, 64 central park, 63 in newark, bridgeport 60, 63 in montauk all little less cloud cover in connecticut but it will be rolling in the cloud cover is thin so not a big deal, winds from the northeast at 3 to 10 miles an hour makes it feel cooler but other than that not a lot happening. we do have more high clouds in the area. what that will do as folks, the sun's rays not so intense today, temperatures not quite as warm. it is coming from an area of low pressure over southeastern states giving them showers there but for us just high clouds for now but by this time we get later sunday into monday we have rain coming at us, high
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temperatures 75 degrees, then slide back to 60 for tonight, as we go through the next five days 72 tomorrow, sunday better sheriff chances on monday, we need the rain, that one a little bit. let's bring in ines and see what is going on with getting around town. greg: 5 the commute doing pretty good throughout the tristate area, street cleaning rules suspended, meters in effect, let's look at the fdr drive at 79th street, no problems on the south bound northbound side, we are talking about the pope and his visit. let's go to our maps, start with 72 street where he is staying, 72 street clothes, 71st size to 74, third avenue for fifth and madison, the perimeter close in the ariane while the is in residence madison avenue clothes when he is away during his stuff, they will reopen those reeds, united nations the first stop at 8:30 in the morning but
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close, first avenue shutdown from 41st to 48th street, you will have the you enclosures around 1 and second avenue with fdr drive at 40 second street continuing to go on until next week. 9/11 memorial a lot of street closed around the 9/11 memorial they set up everything at midnight until 1:00, they should reopen everything, west street will be closed closer to when he arrives from murray street to battery park underpass affecting fdr drive along with west street. they may shutdown of the northbound side as events are going on, closures depend on crowds. i am hearing cabdrivers avoiding that area. tough to catch a cab with all the closures. 31st is closed in some areas that after 12:00 p.m. they will really shut things down around madison square garden, and station will remain open a couple instances closed so plan ahead to get around things.
6:18 am
all of this, 79th street a secure perimeter, center mark west will be close with some street on 66st street, 66 will be diverted to the 59th street if you are taking this diverted over to 79th street, local express buses the best way to go because a lot of bus stops will be affected, trains doing fine no problems. ben: the probe will lead an interfaith service at the 9/11 memorial museum. juliet huddy is live overlooking the world trade center site and the 9/11 memorial. juliet: some wonderful ladies here, this is megan, 7 years old, madison, and their mom, thanks for joining us, thanks for joining us, i will ask you to jump down here, you hang out. great to have you here. you lost your husband on 9/11,
6:19 am
37 years old, this is the day a lot of people, lots of high emotions, emotionally charged, excitement, sadness. what are you feeling? >> very happy. i feel blessed to be able to honor and read our holy pope and greet our holy pope and share this memorial with him lost their loved ones and what better way to honor them than to have the pope here? >> reporter: what are you going to be doing? >> i will take my girls and go to the memorial and create the this greet our holiness, pope francis. still trying to digest that that is happening. it has not registered completely and i can't believe my girls will be able to shake his hand and i have things that need to get blessed and hopefully using
6:20 am
powerful and can't wait to share the world-class memorial museum with him. >> reporter: they had orange juice that might be a sugar high. >> kind of. >> reporter: are you nervous? >> yes. >> reporter: what will you say to the pope? >> i will say hi. >> reporter: probably going to be tongue tied. anything you would tell us you would say to him if you have a conversation with him? a quick one. >> i would tell him how honored we are to have him at this site and losing my husband michael, is a blessing to have him here. just an honor to be able to say that to him and say i lost my husband that you are here and blessing the site the we believe is sacred and always have. of beautiful space to go. >> reporter: you are on the memorial board, are you happy with the way things of gone? >> absolutely. so happy. i couldn't be happier, beautiful place and what it means for us as a family who lost their loved
6:21 am
ones that day and can't wait to share it with pope francis. i can't even -- >> reporter: still working it out. let us know how it goes. have a wonderful day, appreciate you coming bosh. thanks for joining me. >> hello. >> connecticut as well. >> reporter: back to you. >> meteorologist: very cute family.
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ben: we are back, the other news president obama and the chinese president will meet at the white house today, the chinese president arrived in washington yesterday. today the two leaders are expected to discuss allegations of cybersigned by china, beijing's economic policies and territorial disputes in the south china sea. the chinese leader will reportedly make a landmark commitment that will limit and price on greenhouse gas emissions. afterwards there will be our black-tie state dinner and on monday president obama and russian president vladimir putin will meet in new york, white house press secretary john turner says ukraine will be a, quote, top item for the president loses will be ongoing syrian crisis is the meeting will be the first face-to-face meeting in a year. another hurdle past opposed the isn't river rail tunnel between
6:23 am
new york and new jersey, new jersey state senate voted unanimously in favor of of resolution backing of a proposal by chris christie and andrew cuomo. in a joint letter to president obama the governors request a federal grand to pay half of the estimated $20 billion price tag. the two states and port authority pick up the rest of the tab.
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for $89.99 a month. time warner cable. anything. anywhere. anytime. anyone. spread the delicious taste you know and love. hershey' s is mine, yours, our chocolate spreads. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: a beautiful sight, the 9/11 memorial downtown lower manhattan, the son about the come up, the weather today will be simply divine. the pope will visit this location a little later this
6:26 am
ahead. mike woods as a forecast. the pope's first trip in new york city is one that lot of people will never forget, live team coverage all across manhattan. his first stop will be the united nations where he has several issues he would like to address with world leaders, he will have a very big stage this morning as he did yesterday addressing a joint meeting of congress and later this afternoon the pope will head to madison square garden for a highly anticipated mass. coverage from every angle this morning. good morning, i am ben simmoneau in the upper east side studio. juliet: i am juliet huddy on a 31st floor balcony in lower manhattan, you can see behind me looking down a perfect perfect spotting of the reflecting pools and the 9/11 memorial, absolutely beautiful morning, to
6:27 am
stunning sunrise, absolutely beautiful, pink and orange, a symbol of what the day is going to be about, the pope will be down here around 11:30 visiting the memorial, the reflecting pools and be conducting an interfaith ceremony, many faith represented. ben: we will see you in a moment. with mike woods. >> meteorologist: as you see the shot from the world trade center we have 64 degrees in the area but the son coming up, skies bringing, not officially at books like a pretty decent day coming up, a lot of sunshine, high clouds in that area, 66 in philly, syracuse checked in at 53, 47 in burlington, here is the high clouds drifting up from the area of low pressure bringing showers to north and
6:28 am
south carolina into virginia, looks like it is heading in this direction but it will struggle getting here. we don't expect rain for a while, 75 is your high with mainly sunny skies, high clouds tomorrow too, 72 tomorrow and sunday breezy too and showered chances back through the area on monday of next week. this spring in ines rosales and get the latest on what it is like to get around throughout the tristate. ines: street cleaning rules suspended, meters remain in effect, other of a problem on route 80 cleared away so things looking better by the new jersey pennsylvania border, an accident on 80 east down has been cleared away, the commute a delight out there. not a lot going on, lot of green on the maps, let's check the tappan zee bridge, go to our cameras, the why 106-one 07 you are fine west bound dandies down, george washington bridge,
6:29 am
sunrise for route the area and so beautiful, again the gwb, you will love this, the gwb doing fine, 15 minute delay on the upper level, all the other approaches doing fine, lincoln and holland no issues at all, fdr drive at 96th street both directions will good and trains running on or close. >> reporter: looking at the streets and what you see are a couple cars and a lot of police cars, there is the huge police presence down here, that white road to the bottom right of your screen, those are big police presence, seeing a lot of police officialss congregating around their starting to make their way to the 9/11 memorial area but all the streets are blocked off. if you plan on coming to this area you have to use public transportation, do not even try to drive down here.
6:30 am
will make his way to the united nations from the papal residence and that is where teresa priolo is this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. i was just thinking good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. i was just thinking if pope francis looks outside his window on 72 and madison, what a fantastically beautiful sky he is going to see this morning as he wakes up for the first time in new york city. he is also going to see hundreds if not maybe a thousand police officers swarming this area. it is on lockdown as we attempt to keep the quote safe. not only is madison shutdown but all of 72 street. we do hope he got a good night's sleep because it is a very busy one today. tens of thousands of new yorkers will see his holiness on air travel from the united nations to ground zero, a school in harlem, mass at madison square garden, it is a grueling schedule but this is a man who seems happy that he is in an
6:31 am
he is reading are quite happy it is a blessing they're coming in contact with the holy fath nnatiis 80kec1 c enaeausonhat pawt'u sal a l=co nlow ly-
6:32 am
being greeted on one of which to say thank you. >> reporter: when the pope walked in cardinal dolan said him now that you have entered you and be declared at new yorker. he said make sure you come back again soon. another trip can't happen until he finishes this one and a busy day ahead. he will leave the people residence at 7:5 or 8:00 and head over farther east and farther south to the united nations where he will address the united nations at 8:30. it is fantastic that he is your. so many people seeing if they can get a glimpse of him. we hope for this latest glimpse. outside the papal residence on the upper east side back your way. juliet: thanks very much on a 31st floor, at this fantastic view of the reflecting pool and the 9/11 memorial. the pope will be irrelevant:30 but not before he heads to the
6:33 am
united nations where robert moses is. >> reporter: the pope is due at 8:40, he will spend approximately 2-1/2 hours here. his half-hour address to the u. n begins at 10:20 this morning. he will be the fourth pope to address the body. we expect him to talk about climate change and immigration among other topics. you will likely strike the same themes he did yesterday before that extraordinary joint session of congress. it was a speech interrupted often by standing ovations and applause. house speaker john maynard got downright emotional, dabbed tears from his eyes throughout the day. he will leave father during that speech called for the abolishment of the death penalty and good stewardship of the planet and called for the humane treatment of immigrants. >> i say this to you as the son
6:34 am
knowing the so many of you are also descendants of immigrants. [applause] >> reporter: the united nations is the first stop for the pope. after this he will head toward you, juliet, for the meeting with 9/11 families and the service down there at the memorial. it strikes me pope francis is the leader of 1.2 billion catholics around the world but he has captivated far more people than that. that is the latest from the you and this morning, back to you. juliet: he really has. i was talking with monica, we were talking about how he has bridge a gap not only with people of different faiths the generations, people who were not very religious are finding themselves captivated and in years in some cases. i was watching the pope arrives, i was with my mom at the
6:35 am
apartment and we were getting emotional. it was definitely a strange feeling. >> reporter: it was moving to see the crowds, the pope going down fifth avenue was a beautiful site and to watch that service in the restored beautiful cathedral on fifth avenue was very morning -- moving. we will check back with you in a little bit. our next guest welcomed pope francis to new york at kennedy airport and we will see him tomorrow morning, the vicar for development of the diocese of brooklyn, thank you for coming. first of your initial impressions? >> it was so exciting especially when the plane flew over before it landed. the bishop welcomed him and cardinal dolan, 300 people from the diocese of brooklyn, it was wonderful. when he got off the plane he stepped out, the excitement was unbelievable. ben: moving for you? >> very moving to think we were part of history for the first
6:36 am
time coming here and the message he brings, the joy that he brings to our city and churches is incredible. ben: what is it about this pope? he is not a man of many words but what he says seems to really strike a chord with people around the world. >> actions speak louder than words. so many people are attracted to him for that because he is the man who is what he is and he is a man who practices what he freakedes and he is the real deal. ben: as he moves around the city one thing the struck me is his efforts to ridge and get people from backgrounds together, he will have the service at the 9/11 memorial later this morning and will be representative from half-dozen religions. >> he appeals to everyone. she is a man of peace, and his message generates all people.
6:37 am
matter what faith you are. and the message for you. ben: you are the vicar for the diocese of brooklyn and the races and parishes, it hasn't been an easy time, what do you hope people can take away from this pope for the catholic church. >> you hope it will renew faith in so many people, he talked about renovated, but hopefully his presence will renew our faith. >> reporter: you will hang out around the morning and we will hear from you throughout the day and congratulations on yesterday and we wish you a blessed day today. thank you very much. all the latest on the pope's visit law on to and you can search for the weather apps andy itunes apps store on google play. let's check the weather out
6:38 am
there for the pope's visit today. >> meteorologist: here is what we have as we make our way, the only full day in new york city beautiful weather, high clouds out there, slightly cooler temperatures, 66 degrees at 9 a m, 70 by noon and high of 75 today, keeping high clouds throughout the area, that is about it. no rainfall expected not only today but for the weekend looking sunny tomorrow with high clouds and breezy and cool with more clouds coming on sunday. drive through this upcoming weekend and the pope's visit we are high and dry. let's bring ines and see what is happening around town for about the tristate. ines: street cleaning rules suspended, meters in effect, none major issues, the pope coming to town, more about closures in my next report, trains metro-north, long island rail road, new jersey transit and pass trains on or close to
6:39 am
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>> september 25th checking and
6:41 am
lines, pope francis had a full day ahead of them he will address the united nations general assembly at 8:30, hold a prayer service at the 9/11 memorial at 11:30, then of visit at east harlem school this afternoon followed by a procession through central park and finally the around 6:00 this evening at madison square garden. president obama will meet with the chinese president today, the chinese leader is expected to make a landmark commitment that will limit and put a price on greenhouse gas emissions in his country. ats iphone 6s on store shelves today, sales are expected to be red hot. analysts predict 13 million phones will be sold this weekend. let's go back downtown to the world trade center site, the 9/11 memorial where juliet huddy joins us once again. >> reporter: looking at the streets, pedestrian walkways, really no cars, no activity on
6:42 am
the streets except for a large police presence. tell us about the traffic situation and how to get around the city on this momentous day, liz dahlem is live at madison square garden. >> reporter: good morning. we are right outside where things are going to be very busy later on today but i feel right now it sets the mood for what goes on to keeping the pope save and everyone else coming to this mass. i want to show you what is behind us, a bunch of people gathering on the order of 30 3 and eighth avenue. all those people in suits with the secret service and k-9 units, that nypd so all of this going into the pope's visit. that will take place a little later on today. a lot of commuters were asking is can station going to say libya accessible for commuters lose the one on 34th and seventh avenue and the other on seventh avenue at 30 seconds greet so
6:43 am
mind when you are a year later today. the doors for the mass will open at 2:00 but road closures were put in place around midnight this evening. the streets around madison square garden will be locked down ahead of the evening papal mass. 31st to 34th street from 6 to wage avenue will have periodic closures throughout the day. long island railroad is adding eight extra penn station bound trains to move people to the message other pockets of the city will have significant closures due to the pope's agenda. ronny united nations, the 9/11 memorial and museum, 112th street where the pope will be visiting at school and the area of central park west. new yorkers know the city could be tough to get around. >> i am not coming here tonight, august 3rd to brooklyn and go home that way. won't try to get near here. i want to get home. i don't want to be stuck here. >> reporter: are you nervous about the congestion?
6:44 am
i and the friend because i have another ticket and she is coming with me but other than that i am so happy to see him. he is like jesus on earth. >> reporter: the feeling throughout the city that mass will begin at 6:00, pope francis will arrive shortly after, and after that mass everyone inside will have to stay around 30 minutes until after he leaves the arena for security purposes so you can expect this area to be very busy through out the night. back your way. much. the streets are getting busy with pedestrians. activity starts to happen at a:00, the security sweeps and things like that, some guests will be allowed to go into the memorial itself. we will keep an eye on that. the big event gets underway at 11:30 when the pope arrives and he will tour the 9/11 memorial and the reflecting pool arianna
6:45 am
and hold the interfaith ceremony. ben: was it tough for you to get downtown this morning? >> reporter: not at all the we are talking about 3:00 in the morning so it is not tough to get anywhere at that hour. the streets were blocked off but there was a police presence than they were asking what is going on but it will be busy later and difficult to get around. >> that memorial lit up the way it is looks spectacular. >> is so beautiful, i was talking with monica who lost her husband, she was on the board of the 9/11 memorial and she is like i can't believe it has come to this, can't believe the pope is going to see this site and all the work they put in and it has become a world-class memorial. she is 100% right, it is stunning. i am getting this bumps all morning. ben: i am getting goosebumps looking at a picture. thank you very much. now to sports, the giants finally get a win all flow over
6:46 am
an outstanding day in the first quarter, jennings gets a hold of the ball bounced into the end zone for safety, puts the giants up 2-0 and the icing on the cake for a quarter ago, eli manning will drop back here, fire a rocket over the -- makes the grab in the end zone, giants take down the skins' 32-21. baseball the mets beat the cincinnati reds 6-4, their magic number to clinch the division now 3 and the yankees keep the chicago white sox 3-2. both teams moving close to the post season. mike woods is keeping the forecast, a lot of folks, as nice as it can be. >> meteorologist: it looks very good, not too hot, not too cool. 64 degrees your temperature at central park, 63 in newark, 60 in bridgeport, high clouds in the area but the sun still getting through, does not as intense as the last couple days a we will keep high cloudiness
6:47 am
around, showers to the south are going to stay to the south so we don't have to worry about rainfall for the day for a while through the weekend we should be in great shape, mostly sunny, 75, partly cloudy and cool with lows from 48 to 60 and there is your 7 day forecast, 72 tomorrow, same thing sunday and looks like we will see showers coming through on monday so keep that in mind, a little damp weather as we start the work week, daily and hourly forecasts available on the weather apps at the apple i we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools!
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kerry: we are back, quote is in town. as far as closures 72 street clothes and will remain closed until late:00 tomorrow morning along with fifth avenue from madison and fifth all those closures from 74th and 71st street, madison avenue will be closed. when he leaves the they will reopen some of the streets and the general assembly is going on and the pope will be there today but disclosure is going on until next week, first avenue will remain closed from 42, and 47th street, 9/11 memorial has closures in place as of midnight tonight, they did that earlier this morning, lot of streets closed, a 11:00 the pope's appearance gets closer they will shut west street from murray street to battery park
6:50 am
underpass, they may shed down the northbound side so expect a lot of problems, he is there until 1:00 and on the east side, madison square garden, some closures there at 12:00 p.m. they will start more closures around the energy area, then station is open, two and disclosed, if you're traveling around central park area, that will start around 12:00 as well, south of 79th street the zone will be closed with and for park west, 65th transfers will be closed so the buses will be diverted to 59th street or 79th street. ben: anna gilligan here with quote entertainment. anna: we are talking about gloria esteban because she says she is praying she doesn't forget the lyrics when she performs for the pope at madison square garden.
6:51 am
>> reporter: this is a song she will perform, she is part of the lineup for a journey of faith which is a star-studded show preceding pope francis's mass today, she sang for pope john paul in the vatican in 1995 but says, quote, i feel particularly blessing for the first latin pope in history. other performers tonight include jennifer hudson and harry connick jr.. the program is set to begin at 3:00 p.m. and pope francis was celebrate mass at 6:00. ben: let's check with juliet huddy downtown and the world trade center site. >> it is getting exciting down here. it has been exciting since i got here this morning. we are in a cramped area on the balcony of the 31st 4, we have a camera guy here, if you see an arm in the picture, we are working with small space here and nice to give this wonderful space, great view of the reflecting pool at the memorial
6:52 am
and we will be here all morning long. ben: have a great day, a lot to cover all little later on.
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